Justin Lowery

Justin Lowery

Advisor, CEM, CDSM



Justin Lowery is a Time-Tested Utility Cost Advisor.

He manages over $10 million in annual utility costs. His areas of expertise are: Electricity, Natural Gas, Telecommunications, Diesel, Propane, Used Oil, Water and Waste.

He is a strategic and solution-focused energy procurement professional with a passion for energy procurement, energy efficiency and demand side management.  Justin can help you better manage and control energy costs, develop and implement an energy management program, and promote energy efficiency and sustainability.

At his core, Justin is aiming to make a big impact on this planet by continuing to align with true purpose. The deep passion he has for continuous improvement colors all aspects of his work, resulting in demonstrated change and growth on all levels. Paired with years of experience, his innate charisma and high motivation has allowed Justin to attract, connect and develop prosperous long-term relationships in Business Intelligence, Sales, Network Marketing, Energy Awareness and Finance. He offers a fully committed, curious, and creative mind ready to observe, learn, and contribute.

Justin has been an energy advisor to Staker & Parson Companies, AEE (Association of Energy Engineers), and Oldcastle Materials Inc. For 20+ years Justin has been working in energy spending managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of spending on energy related commodities for his clients: Electricity, Natural Gas, Diesel, Propane, Used Oil, Water and Waste.

Justin’s strengths include his interpersonal and communications skills as well as his talent for developing budgets, forecasting, capital expenditure, strategies and goals.

He has implemented hundreds of measures for his clients, generating over $10 million in savings and perpetual annual cost savings of  millions more.