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Energy Cost Management


Optimizing Rates

Utility companies leave it up to their customers to decide on which rates suit their utility usage best. Our analysts use your billing history to negotiate and optimize your utility rates. We audit your bills and provide analysis with recommendations on how you can optimize your rates. At the end of the process you have the surety that all of your services are on the lowest possible rates.


Audits and Analysis

As your bills are received each month they are reviewed for anomalies, flagged and notices are sent to you for follow-up. Our advisers and staff can follow up on those anomalies for you and correct them with your utility providers. You’ll have the peace of mind that your costs are verified and when errors happen you are made whole.

Energy Procurement

As a customer of Big Energy you gain access to valuable resources to help you manage and lower your utility costs.

Wholesale Energy Services

Save money when you purchase your organizations electricity, natural gas & fuels on the wholesale markets, instead of at retail prices. We can give you access to suppliers and resources to make your wholesale purchasing strategy a reality.



Secure better pricing, by combining your volumes with a group of others. Big Energy has organized a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) contract with vendors in energy & other utilities (waste pickup, telecom) to give you access to pricing, terms & conditions of service that otherwise might be out of reach.

Utility Service Design

As a customer of Big Energy you gain access to valuable resources to help you manage and lower your utility costs.

New Utility Services

New utility services should be designed to meet your specific needs and allow for continued growth. Our advisers can help you and your staff through the process or interact directly with the utility engineers on your behalf. Our advisors are experienced in writing corporate Capital Expenditure (Cap-Ex) requests with the details necessary to request funding for your utility-related projects.

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Utility Submetering

Gain additional and valuable usage information, verify utility readings and provide clear allocations of utility costs between internal departments. Our experts walk you through the benefits, help you get the project done and review the consumption details, to help you make positive gains in efficiency & profitability.


Site and Infrastructure

Are you looking to assess your customer-owned electrical circuit? Would it help your organization to know about electrical equipment that is failing before it stops working? Our analysts will conduct an audit of your site and infrastructure to advise you on options you have for optimizing your utility services as well as many additional electrical site assessments.

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Energy Efficiency


Efficiency Rebates

Did you know there may be funds set aside to help you pay for updates to the energy consuming components of your facilities? Did you know that you can also receive environmental credits for these updates? We can help you access those funds for projects that are on your radar and help you identify efficiency measures that improve your company’s profitability long-term.

Even when energy profit improvement projects make sense, sometimes there is not available capital resources to attain them. We can help you fund projects to begin to save money today and pay for those capital investments, out of the savings you receive. Call us today to discuss. Read more…

Special Projects


Special Projects

We appreciate that not all utility projects fall into standard categories. Our experts are available to help you talk through the needs and requirements of special utility or energy projects that you are trying to get done. Their experience, network of suppliers and professionals, and resources are available to you to make your special projects a reality.


Capex Planning & Asset Management

If you knew the date of a major equipment failure, you would never deal with an emergency breakdown again. If you weren’t forced to make a fast purchase decision, you would be able to purchase efficient equipment at better prices. We offer software & support solutions to proactively manage facility asset replacement. 

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