Steve Sinclair

Steve Sinclair, PE

Electrical Engineer, Advisor


Steve Sinclair is a Professional Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering and Design for Oil & Gas, Material Handling, and Mining Industries

Over 30 years experience in electrical power and control systems engineering for oil & gas and material handling projects.

Experienced with specification and design of turbine compressor and generator packages, distribution lines, power transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, medium and low voltage VFD’s and motors, PLC based control systems, package control system interfaces, and field instrumentation.

Responsible for preparation of all E&I design drawings, electrical system studies, arc flash evaluation, and electrical safety operating procedures. Experienced with PHA and HAZOP reviews, PSM documentation, and preparation of cause & effect charts, process control narratives, and commissioning and checkout forms and procedures.

Electrical P.E. registration in Colorado, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Other states available as needed.

Electrical- Power

We design safe, reliable, and cost effective electrical power systems for ANSI/NEMA, IEC, and ABS offshore applications.

    • Electric utility planning, interfacing, and coordination
    • Distribution equipment sizing, specifications, and data sheets (power transformers, electrical buildings, switchgear, motor control centers, switch racks, UPS systems, VFD’s, etc.)
    • Prime power and backup generator sizing, specifications, and data sheets
    • Electrical system studies (arc flash evaluation, load flow/voltage drop, protective relaying, short circuit studies, etc.)
    • Preparation of non-physical drawings (one-lines, conduit and cable schedules, switchgear and motor control schematics, mechanical packaged equipment interface, etc.)
    • Preparation of physical drawings (area classification, cable tray, electrical room layouts, grounding, lighting, power and control, etc.)

Control Systems

We have designed everything from pneumatic local loop controllers, PLC’s, and DCS-based systems to advanced process control systems.

    • P&ID development
    • Sizing and specification of PLC and DCS-based control systems
    • Preparation of networking and control system architecture diagrams
    • Preparation of cause and effect and SAFE charts
    • Preparation of Instrument Index and related documents
    • Preparation of control narratives, process control diagrams, and operations procedures
    • Preparation of loop checkout forms and procedures


Offering many years of experience in selection, application, and technology evaluation of field instruments.

    • Specification and data sheets for field instruments – flow, level, pressure, temperature, etc.
    • Preparation of safety system drawings (fire and gas detection, alarm and strobe, plant egress, etc.)
    • Evaluation of field instrument technologies
    • Experienced with Smart Plant Instrumentation (InTools) and similar engineering and design software packages
    • Preparation of instrument calculations and ISA instrument data sheets

Design & Drafting

Our designers offer many years of professional design and drafting experience. We stay current with the latest 2D and 3D design software.

    • 3D modeling
    • As-builts
    • Automated drawing and form production
    • Drafting
    • Field survey
    • Material takeoff and estimating&