Facilities and Production Reports

Visualize your data so you can see your utility story.

With your data in hand, you can see a detailed picture of your energy consumption overall and for each and every facility. Utilizing industry-leading software, your data is standardized, organized and then visualized so you can identify and prioritize opportunities for facility improvements and validate the success of measures already in place. Cost & consumption per unit, per square foot, or per any other metric important to you, can be created for your facilities.

Why is standardizing your data important? 

Different utilities measure your usage in different ways. Water is measured in gallons, thousands of Gallons, cf, and ccf. Natural Gas is measured in Therms, Dekatherms, MMBtu, Mcf and Gigajoules. If your data is not standardized, how can it be compared? As your data is captured, a standardized measure is added to the original unit of measure, so you can see an accurate picture of your utilities.

What are your organization’s goals?

Are your goals to reduce costs?…you will be able to see which facilities have the highest costs overall and the highest costs per square foot or per unit of production, etc. Are your goals to reduce your environmental impact?…you will be able to see your overall impact as a company, as well as to see which facilities have the highest consumption overall and which ones have the highest or lowest consumption for any of the metrics that you desire to see. The data tells the story and it is assembled for you, so it is centrally accessible, easy to see, easy to read and easier for you to make decisions.

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