Materials Company Reduces Utility Re-bill by over $40,000

CASE SUMMARY: A Sand & Gravel company in the Mountain West was re-billed by the utility after a faulty meter was detected.  The Customer asked Big Energy to assist them to review the merits of the re-bill and to help justify their case for a reduction.

A customer was faced with a re-bill when it was detected that a meter had been reading faulty for over a year.  The utility sent an invoice based on estimated usage and requested the Customer pay it right away.  The Customer paid it, then contacted us and asked us about it.  We made contact with the utility, modeled the Customers historical production & energy usage and returned to the utility with our explanation and a revised estimate.  The utility understood, agreed to the estimated cost and re-billed the account.  The Customer received a refund of $41,760.